Armagnac Castarède XO

ABV:40% | VOLUME:700ml


Named the World’s Best Armagnac in 2017, the Armagnac Casterède XO is an incomparable spirit from the Bas Armagnac region in Gers. Unlike the typical XO, the Casterède XO has been aged 20 years in oak barrels, making it a jewel among Armagnacs. Sweet, complex, and redolent with a rich, local flavour, this bottle is to be sipped and savoured slowly.


Tasting Notes:Once the sweet, nutty nose of candied ginger and praline seduces your senses, the harmonious palate of grapes, oak, plum and nutmeg takes you further down the rabbithole of full-bodied flavour. A smooth, yet strong finish tinged with chocolate and spice makes this an immensely sippable and absolutely unforgettable drink. To fully appreciate this intense spirit, the Armagnac Casterède XO is best had as an aperitif, or at the end of a meal.

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