Le Calvados Selection, Christian Drouin

ABV:40% | VOLUME:700ml


The highly-awarded Calvados Selection from the Domfort region of Calvados is made from a unique mix pears and apples in the region, which gives the drink a distinctly fruity expression. Often considered the entry spirit into the world of Calvados, the Christian Drouin Calvados Selection makes a delightful after-drink aperitif and a fruity, flavoursome addition to a cocktail.


Tasting Notes: The fresh pear aroma strikes the first note when sipping on Calvados Selection. Apple and pear flavours follow in the palate, with floral and cider hints and baking spice bringing the orchard harvest alive. A sweet, light and slightly herbaceous finish reminiscent of citrus and apple seeds brings up the rear in this thoroughly satisfying drink.

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