Longrow Peated

ABV:46% | VOLUME:700ml


First distilled in 1973, Longrow is the result of an experiment carried out by the chairman, who set out to prove that an Islay style single malt could be produced on the mainland. Formerly known as Longrow C.V., it is now released as just Longrow. This is the most heavily peated expression produced at Springbank, with the malt being dried over peat smoke for up to 48 hours. It goes through double distillation with 100% peated malts and is aged in ex-bourbon barrels before being bottled without an age statement at 92 proof.

Tasting Notes: On the nose it is very creamy, vanilla custard. The smoke develops and toasted marshmallows, herbs and rich fruits appear over time. It also carries hints of brininess and rich ash. The palate is incredibly well balanced – rich and creamy with a slight medicinal hint. The smoke is always present and washes over the palate in waves. There is also delicate fruits and vegetal notes from the sea breeze. While in the finish, the gentle smoke lingers and lingers, there is also the persistent oaky ginger. A mix of something familiar (Islay scotch) and yet can discover something new.

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