Mancino, Rosso (Vermouth)

ABV:16% | VOLUME:750ml


Inspired by the bitter-sweet notes of Amaro, the popular Italian herbal liqueur, the Vermouth Rosso Amaranto is infused with 38 botanicals and added to a Trebbiano di Romagna wine base. The slightly medicinal, slightly syrupy flavour profile lends itself well to a Negroni or a Manhattan, making for a well-balanced, resonant cocktail.


Tasting Notes: A hint of caramel, a mere suggestion of juniper and a striking note of rhubarb make the nose. The palate is soft and gentle with a subtle sweetness offered by vanilla and Christmas spices. Myrrh, chiretta and toasted oak balance out the sweetness with a hint of medicinal bitterness that softens into a smooth, lingering finish.

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