Mancino, Secco (Vermouth)

ABV:18% | VOLUME:750ml


19 botanicals ranging from sage to marjoram to oregano, along with a Trebbiano di Romagna wine, forms the base of this clear, dry vermouth. Enjoy this breezy stunner with in a dirty martini topped with an olive for a herby, briney taste explosion on a carefree evening.


Tasting Notes: The aromas of lemon grass, sweet iris and delicate dogwood are the first notes on the nose, making room for a sour, nutty palate of sharp pimento and warm nutmeg. The finish is crisp and spicy with a hint of bitter citrus — you’ll be reminded of the Provencal countryside. So, pour yourself a dry martini fortified with the herbaceous Vermouth Secco and sit back to enjoy the dry warmth of the Mediterranean in your glass.

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