Tarquin’s, Rhubarb & Raspberry

ABV:38% | VOLUME:700ml


Southwestern distillery’s flagship Tarquin’s Cornish gin is meticulously prepared in small batches before being infused with rhubarb and raspberry to create this limited-edition blush summer gin. A modern fruity twist to their award winning 12 botanical recipe, the ripe juicy raspberries and tart rhubarb lend a delectable fruity goodness to Tarquin’s award winning classic dry-gin.


Tasting Notes: On the nose, the raspberry explodes with a delicious tartness and instantly sets in a fruity summery brightness that leads to a burst of lemon sherbet and crisp pine on the palate. A cinnamon spice kick mid-palate brings in warm and soothing flavours that balance the rhubarb and raspberry sweetness leading to a long smooth jammy finish with notes zesty lemon cutting in.

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